Paranoid Schizophrenia Info

Mr. Henderson – 5th Period Psychology

There is a psychological disorder that manifests itself in many various ways that is called schizophrenia.  One particular type of schizophrenia, called paranoid schizophrenia is the most noticeable form for other people because it gives the sufferer what are called positive symptoms.  This means that it makes them do and feel extra things versus taking away emotions.

This means that a person may sense things that aren’t really there in addition to the normal sensory inputs.  They may hear music that nobody else hears or voices talking to them that aren’t coming from any real person.  There is also the aweful confusion that comes from having delusions in which it becomes very difficult to tell what is real or what isn’t in terms of thought.  It is the delusions that makes paranoid schizophrenia what it is, because the person can become very suspicious.

Delusions can make a person think that everyone has turned against them and is secretly plotting some evil act against them.  It can also make them feel very important, which justifies their position in the middle of this grand scheme.  Perhaps they are psychic or are the messiah and aliens seek to keep their power under wraps.  Maybe the government doesn’t want them procreating and making more psychics.  Who knows what the delusion may create, but e can be rest assured that it will create paranoia and fear for the schizophrenic.

This site will also discuss the other symptoms related to the difficulties of schizophrenia and how doctors attempt to treat this illness with therapy and medication.  Please read along and learn more about the topic.